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Is your child at or starting secondary school?

Here's a list of Haringey mainstream secondary schools:

Secondary Schools | Haringey Council >

Here's a list of Haringey special schools:

Special schools | Haringey Council >

SEND provision for secondary aged children

Haringey's Local Offer

The Local Offer is where you can find out what SEND services and support are available locally. Every Local Authority must have this on their website. Here's Haringey's: Haringey's Local Offer | Haringey Council

SEND in Schools - Haringey's Local Offer

Find out how schools support children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities - SEND in schools | Haringey Council

Reasonable Adjustments

By law, schools are required to make “reasonable adjustments” where children need them because of their SEND. The website Special Needs Jungle published an informative article spelling out what this might mean in practice: Creative reasonable adjustments for SEND learners that don't have to cost a thing

Core Standards

Haringey has developed a “Core Standards” document which sets out what mainstream schools should have in place for children with SEND. Read it here

This is mostly focussed on what schools need to do for children who have some special educational needs, but don’t have an EHCP. (This is often called SEND Support)

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Some children with complex SEND will need extra help at school. Parents or professionals can apply for an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment.

Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) | Haringey Council

Guide to EHC assessment 2022 ( >

Annual Reviews

If your child already has an EHC Plan, the school should arrange an Annual Review each year, to see if the EHC Plan is still meeting your child’s needs appropriately.

You and your child should be fully involved and included in the Annual Review process.

A young person with an EHC Plan has developed this Annual Review guide, which families and children may find useful

The secondary school years pass quickly! If your child has an EHC Plan, when they are in Year 9 (the year of their 14th birthday) the school should hold an Annual Review that looks at their options for 6th form and beyond. This is the beginning of Preparing for Adulthood.

Specialist support available to schools

Haringey has a number of specialist teams to support children with SEND including the Language and Autism Support Team, Educational Psychology Service, Sensory Support teams for children who are Deaf or partially hearing and/or have a visual impairment. Find out more here: Specialist Teams | Haringey Council

Health Services for secondary aged children

Find out about the range of services in Haringey here:

Children and Young People Services (

Schools also have a statutory duty to meet children’s medical needs – this is the guidance they have to follow:

Supporting Children with Medical Needs in School | Haringey Council

There is a ADHD pathway - Health services for SEND | Haringey Council

There is also a Autism pathway - Autism | Haringey Council

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Support

Haringey have a list of services that support children and young people with SEND and their families: Social, emotional and mental health support | Haringey Council

Support & Advice


Haringey’s SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) are based at the Markfield Centre. They can support you with independent and impartial information and advice about your rights and your child’s rights in relation to education.



Helpline: 0208802 2611

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